Functional safety of electronic systems

  In the sector of functional safety of electronic systems, T&T Systems, provides engineering companies, system companies, operative companies and solution providers with: skills, methodologies, techniques, advice and training in order to produce automation systems intended to be used in safety-critical applications and high availability.

T&T Systems expertise covers:

  • The regulation of the functional safety of electronic systems. T&T Systems has specific experience relating to international standards: IEC 61508 and UL 1998, and international industry standards, such as: IEC 61511 (process industries); IEC 50126, 50128, 50129 (railway applications); IEC 60601 (electronic medical equipment ); etc…

  • (skills relating to: the planning and verification of projects documentation writing)

  • Engineering knowledge required to design safety critical systems and/or high availability; for example: hazard analysis, the determination of the SIL (Safety Integrity Level) and the fault-tree, the calculation of failure probability and the creation of Reliability block diagrams, etc.

  • all the knowledge and experiences resulting to the functional safety of electronic systems. These consist of methodologies and analysis techniques, design and validation as required by safety regulations, for example: UL 1998, IEC 61508-3, IEC 50508, IEC 60601-1-4 and others. T&T Systems is able to apply these techniques and methodologies to complex industrial software projects.

T&T Systems, expertise in the environment of electronic systems safety, covers a wide range of areas: from nuclear energy to oil & gas, from medical applications to public transport, from utilities to primary services , and includes both complex automation systems and individual devices.

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