As titled this is a list of projects that we have done.

Central control unit used by  remote systems (for a wide verity of uses: remote control of a power plant substation for railways, the remote control of distribution networks for natural gas, water, public lighting).
Node acquisition for a system of supervision for thermal electric plants.
Peripheral unit that belongs to a system of automation for primary and secondary units found in power plants.
Device working as a  router, gathers information and is a gateway to a system of automations for power plants.
Gateway for the protocols FIP/Modbus.
Peripheral unit used by a system to monitor environmental changes near power plants.
Peripheral unit used for blocking systems in power plants .
A system to record chronological events for hydroelectric groups. 
Central unit to remotely record meter readings for both high and medium voltage for ENEL.
Network/communication card for system monitoring and breaker controls for high voltage systems.
Circuit breakers for low voltage.
Circuit breakers for medium voltage.
Ethernet NIC (Network Interface Card) for a family of medium voltage circuit breaker.
Network/communication card (LON/Modbus) for a family of low voltage circuit breaker.
Control logics for the power used in substations for contact lines for both railway and subways.
Distributed system that both monitors and plans the consumption of electrical energy for cement plant.
Dashboard display for commercial vehicles IVECO and automobiles (Fiat Punto JTD).
Automatic espresso maker for coffee shops.
A system for the supervision of ENEL electrical substations.
A system for the supervision and control for a network of oil pumps.
An experimental system for the automation of ENEL primary electrical substations.
Developed a BIOS for the Motorola MVME2100 card in an Microtec X-Specrtra environment.
Drivers for PCI-ISA boards (Linux and Windows)
Modbus/Profibs Gateway
Light Data Collector